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Saturday, June 25, 2005

There is tons of talk around that an MBA is not as valuable as it once used to be. The question I ask is, is it all MBA’s that are no longer that valuable, or is it some. The answer I got from one recruiter is that if you don’t get an MBA from a well known brand, then you may as well do something else because every tom, dick and mary has an MBA.

Not an ideal dilution in general. However, does this mean that the top X MBA brands increase in value or decrease along with the rest?

I can say from experience having met some people who had MBA’s, I was rather disappointed with their knowledge or shall I say lack of knowledge about what I would consider simple organizational issues. When asked where they got their MBA, the answers would vary from vaguely familiar to umm ok where is that?

With these sort of pseudo MBA degrees running around with the printed credential, its no wonder the degree is seen with some skepticism. Perhaps a new degree should be awarded, nothing too drastic, maybe just MBA*, by shall we say M7 or M10 to take all the ten within the M7 category?


  • welcome to the world of blogging....

    will be hooked in to read a little more about the dirt you dig out :)

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  • thanks:) looking forward to making fun of the all the farm animals.

    whats your blog address btw?

    By Blogger Hugging Trees, at 3:54 AM  

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