Hugging Trees - Stanford MBA 07

Thursday, August 18, 2005

its b-school

WOW! I finally looked at the quant stuff that Stanford had said we should look at.


Find the derivative of 3x^7 – 2/x


yeah, I know, no need to bother with the quant stuff anymore, it does not get easier than this!


As the time gets closer and closer, my feet are getting colder. Yes the usual feelings of what the hell am I doing leaving my highly paid job with an ignorant boss, who thinks that I am really useful and would love to see me stay!


Well, I don’t really know, life is rather boring if everything becomes normal. I have not had the chance to train my liver for pre-term! I know its sacrilege, and to punish myself I shall be the one in the suit on the first day. (bskewl would love that!)


Seriously though, I really think that I should start training my liver soon, else I may be left far behind by my fellow funny farm residents!




Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Events at Stanford

The other day I decided to check out the information on a conference at Stanford scheduled for Feb 2006. Guess what? Its already sold out! Registration opened just a short while ago, and its sold out! Is this the norm with all Stanford events?

Sunday, July 31, 2005

been away

Hey guys & gals,


Been away for a while. Thanks so much to Nick for the info on the pda and websites! Also thanks to anonymous from Stanford who has given some real valuable info.


More later…



Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Does anyone feel that email technology has given the people the license to be careless of others feelings or lack common courtesy? Or is it just me? I recently received a rude email from someone that I am helping! This got me thinking in general about emails.


Firstly, there are the strangers who write to you having found your address from somewhere and know what you do or where you are and just ask for information or some help without even introducing themselves, or excusing themselves for intruding! I am not talking about spam, that’s just stuff you delete. I am talking about those people that are not selling anything, and genuinely want to ask you something. Something that you would happy to answer to any stranger if he/she stopped you somewhere politely and asked the question. I mean how many times have you given someone directions? Would you have given them directions if they stopped you and rudely asked you where some place was? I for one would be tempted to tell them @&^&&**()*_*^*%$&%)*)$&(*#


Secondly, there are those that you know well. In person they are just great, but when they write emails, its like a whole new person. A long time ago, you had to put in some effort to write a letter. I mean you had to make sure that you wrote it legibly cause it was going to take months to get to the place you were sending it to and if the person could not read it, what would be the point? Also, people took care to try and make sure they were not misunderstood. Writing should be like talking to people, you have to use the correct punctuation marks and phrases to send the correct emotional tone. Emails seem to draw out the worst in people skills. They are just sent out without a second thought!


Why can’t people be polite in emails?  





Monday, July 18, 2005

Adventure ahoy!

Rafting, sea kayaking, surfing, rock climbing, golf and games, fishing , backpacking and family games. Wonderful, this is more like it! This is the stuff I like to hear about! Which should I pick folks? What would you do?


Now I am starting to look forward to this pre term stuff! Partying with a whole bunch of farm folks……let the beer flow!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Work Work Work


Tons of stuff to do before heading off to the farm! I still have to look at all the work that Stanford has asked us to do before getting there! How important is the pre-term prep work?

Saturday, July 09, 2005

To PDA or Not to.....

yeah yeah, I know the title is lame. I have just been
thinking about getting myself one of those important things
people carry around. A PDA. Now I have never actually
bothered with one because I had one of those new fangled
smart phone things. So does anyone have any clue whether I
would need one at b-school? will a smartphone do? what is
the coolest smartphone out there at present? any ideas noble